#KORUZA DOCUMENTATION Wireless optical system KORUZA is documented on GitHub, using best practices of software design to allow colaborative editing. See the KORUZA-instructions GitHub repository for proposing changes and reporting issues and see the links below for reading friendly version.

##KORUZA Overview

KORUZA Overview – Read this overview to get the basic understanding of the technical operation of KORUZA.

##Assembly Instructions

KORUZA Instructions - Step by step assembly instructions on how to build KORUZA units, including photo tutorial, best to be used with a DIY KORUZA assembly kit available at Fabrikor

Bill of material - Defines all parts required to assemble one KORUZA unit, two are required for a working link.

##User Manual

User Manual – Instructions on how to mount, power up the KORUZA system and establish a wireless optical link.


KORUZA project source documentation is available in a number of GitHub repositories.

KORUZA – Here you can find all the plans for mechanical and electronic KORUZA parts.

koruza-pi – This is a KORUZA package for Raspberry Pi (user interface, measurements data collection, controller).

UniversalUnipolarStepperController – Here you can find documentation for universal controller for unipolar stepper motors with encoders and end switches.

koruza-testing – Test scripts for fuse in artificial fog tunnel and generalk testing, primary useful for scientific applications.


KORUZA Nodewatcher – Here you can see the real time performance of deployed KORUZA links.

##Support Should you need any help with KORUZA, get in touch with others involved in the project and Institute IRNAS team via:

CHAT – Join our chat group for real time collaboration with IRNAS team members and others working on Koruza system.

FORUM – We recommend using a forum for help, so the information will be preserved.